Emmett, at the junction of Farm roads 639 and 744, twenty-one miles west of Corsicana in western Navarro County, was settled after the Civil War by the Osburn and Goodson families. A post office opened there in 1888, and by 1890 the community had two combination corn mill-cotton gins, a grocery store, a school, a church, a blacksmith shop, and an estimated population of 250. After 1900 many of its residents moved to nearby Frost, which was on the railroad. The Emmett post office was closed in 1905, but the town remained a center for farmers. In the mid-1930s Emmett had an estimated population of 118, four businesses, a school, a church, a cemetery, and a number of houses. After World War II the community's stores closed and its school was consolidated with that of Frost. In the late 1970s all that remained of Emmett was a church, a cemetery, and a number of houses. In 1990 Emmett was a dispersed rural community with an estimated population of 100. The population remained the same in 2000.


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