Clute, Texas The Hub of Brazosport, began at the junction of the old Calvit and Eagle Island Plantations. Alexander (Sandy) Calvit, one of Austin's Old Three Hundred, got title to the land in 1824. Eagle Island Plantation belonged to Jared Groce, the richest man in Austin's Colony.In 1881 the Clute name was given when it was bought by Soloman J. Clute who later sold the property to his brother George in 1886. George was described as, a little Yankee from New York with a long, white beard. In the early 1940's Clute began to prosper with the advent of Dow Chemical and several large construction companies moving into Southern Clute County. By 1952 Clute was large enough to incorporate into a town.

Clute today is a modern city combining the new with the old, the planned with the random, the striking and the picturesque in a blend that is all its own. Today's Clute is a city involved with living, growing and improving itself.



Clute, Texas


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218 Hwy 332
Clute, Texas 77531

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