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With seven unique regions to discover, Texas is the perfect place to get outdoors. Our great state offers countless options for you to experience.

The Big Bend! In the Big Bend region you'll find plenty of opportunities to go hiking, camping, river paddling, mountain biking and everything in between. From mountain ranges and desserts to authentic food and star filled skies the Big Bend region is a must.

Hit The Beach! Sitting on the beach in the Texas Gulf Coast region is a great way to escape and get away. With 600 miles of coastline visitors can enjoy beach life in many different ways. You'll discover pristine beaches primitive camping, coastline rving, biking trails, hiking trails, fishing piers, world class bird watching, boating, paddling, kayaking, surfing, seashell collecting and incredible views.- Explore our beaches today! -

Ahhhhhhh the Texas Hill Country! Three words that make you stand up and take notice. The Texas Hill Country is considered, by many, to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Some come to see the fields of beautiful bluebonnets and wildflowers while others enjoy the "out of this" world scenic vistas. Taking in the rolling hills, the clear blue rivers and lakes, some of the most beautiful state parks in Texas, the underground caves and caverns, the scenic biking routes and the many hiking trails will take a while. So what are you waiting for?

Our Grand Canyon! Did you know that Texas is home to the second largest canyon in the United States? At 120 miles long and as much as 20 miles wide in some places, Palo Duro Canyon is the star of the show in Panhandle Plains region of Texas. This region is perfect for hiking, biking, climbing and taking in the wide open spaces.

Into the woods The Piney Woods region of east Texas offers a wide range of outdoor activities and destinations. This region is home to great fishing lakes, national forests and many popular state parks. The Piney Woods are a great place to relax, find the perfect campground, explore the many trails and experience the wildlife.

Deep in the heart of Texas! The Prairies and Lakes region stretches 350 miles south from the Oklahoma border to the South Texas Plains region. It's bordered of the west by the Panhandle Plains and Texas Hill Country and on the east the Piney Woods and the Gulf Coast region. Given its location and size the Prairies and Lakes region has outdoors actives that will suit everyone's taste.

It's for the birds! The South Texas Plains region is home to some of the World's most popular birding destinations. Bird watchers from around the World flock to Texas to experience this beautiful area of the state. Exploring this nearly tropical climate with rugged scenic landscapes is an experience you will never forget.

Hiking and Biking Texas is home to a wide range of scenic landscapes to explore. From hundreds of miles of trails, national forest, national parks, mountains ranges, canyons, scenic loops and ,many other places to explore.

The Parks Texas is home to hundreds of scenic park options. You could spend a lifetime exploring the many State Parks, National Parks, National Forest and local parks that call Texas home.

Get out on the water! Texas' rivers and lakes offer some of the best tubing, rafting, boating and kayaking experiences on the planet. In fact Texas is home to hundreds of lakes and some of the most beautiful river destinations you'll ever find.

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