Alleyton is on the east bank of the Colorado River and Farm Road 102 between Interstate Highway 10 and the main line of the Southern Pacific Railroad, three miles east of Columbus in central Colorado County. The area, once the site of a prehistoric Indian encampment, was settled in 1821 by Rawson Alley , who was joined by his brothers Abraham, John C., Thomas V., and William A. Alley, Jr., qqv in 1822. In 1859 William arranged for the extension of the Buffalo Bayou, Brazos and Colorado Railway to his property and donated land for the right-of-way and for the building of shops, a roundhouse, a depot, and loading facilities. The town was surveyed, and all city lots, with the exception of one reserved for William Alley's home, were auctioned to the public. The proceeds of the sale were divided equally between William Alley and the railroad.


Alleyton, Texas

Ozona, Texas

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