Abbott , Texas is located in North Central Texas between the cities of Hillsboro and West. A small Hill County town of 300, Abbott sits just east of Interstate 35.

So what do we know about Abbott, Texas? Well we know Abbott was named after a US Congressman named Joseph Abbott who just so happened to be a judge, teacher and one of those beloved lawyers. But most know Abbott as Willie Nelson's hometown. We also know that the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad, the MKT as most know it, pulled into Abbott in 1881. It wasn't until 1882 that the United States post office opened up an office in the town. As the town began to grow cotton gins and a gristmill opened up shop similar to what you would find in most small towns of this size during that period.

Abbott had its share bad luck in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The town experienced several devastating fires but the resilient people of Abbott rebuilt each and every time.

Hallelujah! In 1913 the power grid reached Abbott for the first time bringing lights to this small Texas town.

Today Abbott is small town with around 300 people maybe a little less. Most of the people that drive by on the interstate never take notice unless they're hungry. The last time I drove by Abbott there was a small barbecue restaurant with a full parking lot. Other than the barbecue shack you won't find much in the way of retail in Abbott. There's a small store in town but if you need gas you'll need to stop in West or Hillsboro which are both just couple miles down the road.

Some of the things that you might want to view if you're passing through Abbott are the local churches and a few historical markers. As in most towns you will find a small Main Street with many closed up shop's and dilapidated buildings, a photographer's paradise.


Abbott, Texas

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