- Lake Abilene -

Lake Abilene is located on highway 89, approximately 23 miles southwest of Abilene, Texas near Abilene State Park. Visitors must check-in at the park office to access to the lake. The park charges a user fee of $4.00 for each visitor ages 13 and above and is open from sunrise to sunset.

Anglers will find that fishing access is good along the shore however ramp access is largely unusable if the lake falls seven feet below the spillway level.

Lake Abilene is located on Elm Creek, six miles northwest of Tuscola in central Taylor. It is at an elevation of 2,015 feet. The terrain is flat to rolling with local escarpments. Brush and grasses grow in the deep, fine sandy loam of the lakeshore. The lake is used for recreation, fishing, and irrigation. It has a conservation storage capacity of 7,900 acre-feet.

Ducks and shorebirds visit Lake Abilene is in the winter while passerines visit in the spring.

Activities include birding, camping, hiking, fishing and general nature viewing.