REMLIG, TEXAS . Remlig was northeast of Browndell and ninety miles north of Beaumont in extreme northeastern Jasper County. Alexander Gilmer , who owned land in both Sabine and Jasper counties, completed the mill at Remlig in 1905. A post office was established that same year. By 1907 the Gilmer Lumber Company had established 2 miles of tram roads in Jasper County, linking Gilmer's mill at Remlig with the logging camps in the area. With miscellaneous property totalling well over $100,000 by 1910, the Gilmer operation had become one of the largest businesses in the county. As the timber stands were cut out, however, operations slowed, and the Gilmer Lumber Company at Remlig closed in 1926. The post office discontinued service the same year, and the Remlig voting precinct was combined with that at Browndell. The old mill town does not appear on topographic or highway maps of the 1980s.

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Remlig , Texas

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