GREEN, TEXAS . Green was on U.S. Highway 181 six miles south of Kenedy in southern Karnes County. A rural settlement known as Pullin developed there on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway, where two general stores and a cotton gin were built in the early 1900s. In 1902 the Newberry school was moved to Pullin, and the Pullin post office was established. Mail was dropped from passing trains and collected in a mail-grab. In 1905 a cafe and confectionery was built there, but in 1907 the post office and businesses were moved a mile north to Nichols Switch, which had been built in the 1880s. William Green, a partner in Green and Welhausen of Yoakum, established the town of Green at the site. It soon became a center of a cotton-farming community and had a store, a cotton gin, a Baptist church, and a school. By 1914 the community reached a population of 100, which fell to seventy-five before 1925. C. L. Gary's store was robbed thirty-one times between 1921 and 1932. In 1944 the Green post office was discontinued and its records were sent to Kenedy. The population of Green, which was still reported as seventy-five in the early 1960s, fell by 1966 to thirty-five. Estimates continued to show that population through 2000. The Green Baptist Church was used until 1986, when it was moved to Pettus.

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Green, Texas

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