Fort Phantom Hill

FORT PHANTOM HILL RESERVOIR . Fort Phantom Hill Reservoir (Lake Fort Phantom Hill) is between Farm roads 600 and 2833 five miles south of Nugent in the extreme southeast corner of Jones County (at 3237' N, 9940' W). The lake, impounded by a dam on Elm Creek, a tributary of the Clear Fork of the Brazos River, covers a surface area of 4,246 acres and provides a storage capacity of 74,310 acre-feet. The reservoir's drainage basin of about 470 square miles is bordered on the north by a rolled-earth dam 3,700 feet long and seventy feet high. The city of Abilene owns and operates the lake for municipal and recreational purposes. Construction began in June 1937 and was finished in October 1938. Since that time Abilene has developed parks on the lake and has diverted water from the Clear Fork and Deadman Creek to the lake in order to meet the needs of the area's growing population. In July 1974 West Texas Utility Company began operating a power plant on the reservoir.

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Fort Phantom Hill, Texas

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