ELIASVILLE, TEXAS . Eliasville is on the Clear Fork of the Brazos River near the intersection of Farm roads 1974, 3109, and 701, close to the Stephens county line in southwest Young County. The townsite was on the land of J. L. Dobbs, who settled there in the 1870s. In 1876 W. L. and T. F. Donnell established ranches in the area, and a few years later they built a flour mill that was a landmark until it was destroyed by fire in 1927. The town was named for Elias DeLong, who opened the first store in 1878. In 1881 the Presbyterian church was organized, and it has remained a strong force in the community. With the oil boom of 1921 Eliasville was incorporated, and the town grew rapidly for a few years. Banker W. T. Donnell was the first mayor. The number of residents declined as production slowed, however, and during World War II many moved to Fort Worth for defense work. The population was 400 in 1940, and although it had declined to 116 by 1980 the town still retained its post office. A city lake was completed in 1952. Eliasville is no longer incorporated. In 2000 the community had 150 inhabitants and five businesses.

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Eliasville, Texas

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