Louie Mueller Barbecue

Looking for great Texas BBQ? Make sure to stop by Taylor, Texas which sits just a few miles northeast of Austin. Why Taylor? Taylor is home to the World famous Louie Mueller Barbecue. Louis Mueller began as an extension of a local meat market and those classic, old traditions continue there today.

Those of you that have stopped in know that ordering your food is part of the experience. The first order of business is what they call the protocol of ordering. They slice your order to your specifications right in front of you, taking the meat directly from the pit. Every customer is greeted at the counter with a sample of beef brisket - something to chew on while your order is prepared. Meals are served on a tray covered with a piece of white butcher paper. Their original barbecue sauce is served with each order and sliced bread, pickles and onions are available at no charge.

The beef brisket is available in two forms: lean, which is the dense, flavorful end of the brisket which has the consistency of steak, and moist which is the marbled or fatty end of the brisket which is tender, juicy and melt in your mouth delicious.


Taylor, Texas

- Louie Mueller Barbecue -

206 West Second Street
Taylor, Texas

Dallas, Texas

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