The coming of the railroad changed the face of Ochiltree County forever. In 1919, it became obvious that the line would not be laid through the village of Ochiltree, but rather approximately 8 miles to the north. The new townsite of Perryton was laid out on the rail line and named the new county seat. By 1920, the once thriving villages of Ochiltree, Texas and Gray, Oklahoma had all but disappeared. But, in a feat of ingenuity and community spirit, both villages had literally picked themselves up and moved homes, business, and churches to the railroad. The new railroad also changed the location of the tiny Ochiltree County village of Wawaka. Wawaka had been established in the west central part of the county in 1885 by German immigrants. But with the coming of the railroad, this tiny community moved three miles to the north and shortened its name to Waka.


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