The first settlers in and around the current Baytown area appeared around 1822. Among them was Nathaniel Lynch, who set up a ferry crossing (which is still in operation today) at the junction of the San Jacinto River and Buffalo Bayou. This location has become known as Lynchburg. The settlers played an influential role in the battle for Texas Independence. It was during this time the community of Goose Creek started to develop. In the late 1910's, a rival community was founded on the east side of Goose Creek, named Pelly. The community of East Baytown was created in the early 1920's. Over time, the `East' part of `East Baytown' was dropped, due to the fact East Baytown was west of Goose Creek. After World War I, people began to discuss consolidating the three towns into one. The town of Baytown resisted this, however; finally, in 1947, the three towns consolidated. The town of Baytown as it is known today was founded on January 24, 1948.

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