Atlanta is located in Cass County which is south of Texarkana, near the convergence of Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, in the Piney Woods Region of Texas. This part of East Texas is one of the most beautiful areas of the state has to offer. Atlanta is a small town with a population just under 6,000 people. Within the city you'll find all the modern conveniences you might expect. Atlanta is home to several hotels, restaurants and grocery stores.

Just north of the city of Atlanta you'll find the picturesque Atlanta State Park which sits alongside Wright Patman Lake. This area of the state is full of hiking trails, biking trails, parks and many opportunities for outdoor activities and camping.

Atlanta was named after early settlers from the state of Georgia in 1871 when the railroad arrived in town. By 1885 Atlanta at around 1500 people which was a pretty good-sized town back then.
In the Piney Woods region of Texas the economy was supported heavily by the timber industry, the city of Atlanta was a big part of that. More and more folks decided to call Atlanta home by the 1930s and the population of Atlanta rose by 400.

In 1935 oil was discovered in the area which helped spare the economy as the Great Depression began.

Over the years the population grew as the economy grew.

When visiting Atlanta you'll want to visit the train depot and caboose, Atlanta State Park, Wright Patman Lake and the local retail shops in town.

You don't have to go to Georgia to visit Atlanta.


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