Clear River Pecan Company

This is definitely not your ordinary ice cream and bakery shop. Clear River, located at 138 E. Main St. in Fredericksburg, does things just a little differently, and you'll be so glad they do. In the morning, you'll love stopping by to pick up a delicious hot-from-the-oven baked goody and a cup of coffee from its extensive coffee bar. For lunch, you can return for some homemade soups, sandwiches (made with fresh baked bread) and maybe a little something sweet for dessert, like a lemon square, pecan pie bar, cheesecake slice or brownie. Then in the afternoon, you can return once again for homemade ice cream. More than 75 flavors, with 30 available each day. And don't be surprised if Elvis or another fun character serves you. Yes, Clear River does things differently, but sometimes different is good! Be sure to check out some of Clear River's specialties including: Award winning Mexican Vanilla and Amaretto, Peach & Pecan ice cream, Praline Dipped Pecans, Smoky Pecan BBQ Sauce, hand decorated Sugar Cookies and Pecan Pepper Jelly. Call 830 997-8490 or visit, for more information. Remember “Life Taste Good” at Clear River!