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Texas Day Trips

Weekend Getaways, Road Trips and Day Trips

Hill Country Day Trips

Day Trips in the region of Texas are a must do event. Your trip will take you down a road to great food, music, wildflowers, pecan picking, peaches, vineyards, small German-settled towns, roadhouses and old general stores. Considered the most beautiful areas of Texas, the Hill Country is home to rolling hills, beautiful lakes and meandering streams. You'll also find wild game, honkytonks, dude ranches and everything cowboy.

Hill Country Day Trips Day Trips

Panhandle Day Trips

Cowboys and Canyons Travel to Northwest Texas and discover the rugged beauty of the Panhandle Plains region. Although this regions was occupied by prehistoric Paleo-Indians over 12,000 years ago, and then by Apache and Comanche nations, followed by Spanish explorers, cowboys and finally, homesteaders this part of Texas was one of the last parts of the continental United States to be permanently settled. Some of the regions notable destinations include the Palo Duro Canyon (the second largest canyon in the US), the Cadillac Ranch, Big Texan Steak Ranch, TEXAS the musical and Turkey, Texas.

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North Texas Day Trips

North Texas is home to all sorts of activities and destinations. If you're a city dweller and want to get away you can hop in the car and hit the road. If you're from the country or if you want to stay in town we've got you covered as well. Day Trips in North Texas range from nature, wildlife and dinosaurs to vintage steam trains, carnival rides and history. Discover North Texas and the surrounding area.

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South Texas Day Trips

Stretching from the edges of the Hill Country into the Lower Rio Grande valley is the South Texas Plains region. The South Texas Plains region has a sub-tropical climate which supports a few lakes. Most of the region is dry and covered with grasses and thorny brush. Escaping the cold of the north, many winter Texans/snowbirds call this part of Texas home each winter. At the northern edge of the region visitors can enjoy the San Antonio Riverwalk, explore history at the Alamo or the local missions. Bird watchers flock to the region which is known as one of the best bird watching areas in the United States. . Other notables are the King Ranch Museum in Kingsville , Fort Trevino in San Ygnacio and the National Butterfly Center in Mission.

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Scenic Texas

Texas is full of scenic landscapes to enjoy. Whether you're in the Texas Hill Country, the Panhandle Plains, the Big Bend, the Piney Woods, the Texas Gulf Coast, the South Texas plains or the Prairies and Lakes region there's always something to see. You'll enjoy views of lakes, rivers, beachs, state parks, open skies, wildlife and more all across Texas!

Scenic Texas Day Trips

Big Bend Day Trips

Your trip to the is going to be one to remember. The Big Bend Region derives its name from the path the Rio Grande follows along the US-Mexico border in southwest Texas. The wide open spaces and jaw dropping plateaus of the Big Bend region of Texas are a sight to see. Many people come to this region to view the mountains. Mountain ranges include the Guadalupe Mountains, Davis Mountains and Chisos Mountains. The highest peak is Guadalupe Peak near El Paso (Near is a relative term in the Big Bend it's actually over 100 miles away). All of the mountains ranges have state or national parks that allow for hiking and camping. The region is most noted for the Big Bend National Park however the many small towns in the area are must dos. You have to view the Marfa lights at night, stop by the soda shop in Fort Davis, visit the Fort Davis national historic site, explore the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, drive the Scenic Loop Drive near Fort Davis, see the El Paisano Hotel in Marfa and the nightlife in Alpin.

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Piney Woods Day Trips

Just about two hours from Dallas you'll find the Piney Woods region. When visiting the Piney Woods region you will travel through thousands of acres of the greenest forests and the bluest lakes in America. Along the way you will experience the rich history of the great state of Texas, from Native American culture to the Republic of Texas and beyond. This region is a thick forest of pines which is why we call it the Piney Woods. Visitors to the region are drawn to the Big Thicket National Preserve, Caddo Lake, Lake O' The Pines, The Texas State Railroad in Rusk, The Jefferson General Store, East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore and the Depot Museum in Henderson.

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Texas Food Trips

Texas isn't just barbecue and Mexican food. In Texas you'll find just about every type of food known to man. In this section will help you locate the best barbecue in Texas, great burgers, your favorite old roadside restaurants, iconic eateries and all sorts of events where great food is served. If you have a story or know of a great place post the story on Facebook.

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Old Soda Fountains & Ice Cream Parlors

As many of you will recall the local drugstore, in most small towns, carried a soda fountain counter. Did you know that several of these can still be found all across Texas? In this section you'll find early 20th century soda fountains that are still making children smile each and every day. Make sure to stop by one of these great little shops before they're lost to history.

Old Soda Fountains & Ice Cream Parlors Day Trips

Gulf Coast Day Trips

Day trips to the Gulf Coast region can turn into several days. You won't want to leave. With the new Pleasure Pier in Galveston and the great food all along the coast you might have to stay a while. With over 600 miles of coastline the Texas Gulf Coast region is a favorite to be sure. . Beautiful wildlife refuges, metro areas, small seaside towns, attractions and miles of beaches abound. You'll discover places like South Padre Island, Port Aransas, Galveston Island, Bolivar Peninsula, Sea Rim State Park, and Mustang Island. Sitting on these beaches and listening to the sound of the waves is a great way wash your cares away. These beach communities offer a relaxing getaway that is sure to rejuvenate the soul. Get out and hit the beach today.

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Kid Friendly Day Trips

Texas is full of great things to do with your children. Find activities, attractions and fun things to do in this kid friendly day trips section. Many of thes these family trip ideas are just a quick car ride away.

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Wacky Day Trip Ideas

The wacky daytrip section is popular with kids of all ages. If you're taking a wacky day trip you're in store for all sorts of offbeat, iconic, weird and downright strange attractions. You'll find oversize muffler men, life-size dinosaurs, giant this or thats, the unexplained, the outrageous, stuffed creatures, wax creatures and just about everything else that is completely wacky and Texas.

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Texas Day Trips All Across Texas

Some call them day trips and others call them road trips but make no mistake the dream of hitting the open road in Texas is in every Texan's blood. So whether it's a weekend getaway, a morning drive or a unique destination you'll find the information you need to plan your drive.

Get started exploring the back road of Texas with our top ranked All Across Texas Day Trip Guide.

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After our first child was born in 2001 my wife and I were always looking for something to do or somewhere to go on the weekends. Sometimes we just got in the car and drove in whatever direction the car was pointed. Sometimes we ran into something really interesting and sometimes we got stuck on an old muddy road. We never really had a plan we just drove around until we ran in to something interesting. Usually by the time we found a place it was time to go home. Sometimes we didn't have time to enjoy our discovery.

It didn't take me long to understand that we needed a plan. I started looking up information in travel books, maps and brochures. It usually took a few days to a couple of weeks to receive information from local attractions and city tourism departments so I'd have to order ahead of time. I'm a very spontaneous person so as you might imagine this was a little frustrating. I looked around on this new thing called the Internet. But couldn't find all that much information.

Most people today will not remember that the Internet was in it's infancy in the early 2000s. In those days there wasn't a real good way to look up much of anything. So we decided to do something about it. We started writing about our trips and posting them online. We asked locals to tell their stories and we posted a few images here and there. As thing progressed thousands of folks started to use the information we gathered to plan their own weekend trips. Today we are the top ranked Day Trips destination guide for Texas.

The last 11 years has been great. Today we work closely with local tourism departments all across the state to deliver the most current and up to-date information on things to do, events, attractions, restaurants and all sorts of things to do in each of these cities and towns. We even have information for towns that no longer exist.

Our Texas daytrip section is designed to make it easy to find the information quickly. The faster you get the information the faster you can get on the road. We hope you enjoy your Texas daytrip and we look forward to hearing about it on our Facebook page.

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