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Looking for the perfect spot to pitch a tent? Finding a Texas campgrounds couldn't be any easier. Search by campground name map, region or city. Texas tent camping, RV camping and cabins are just some of the camping opportunities in Texas. Camping is a great way to get to know nature. With many different types of camping destinations to choose from Texas is a must do.. From campgrounds and RV Parks to resorts, state parks and federal lands and everything in between. Camping in Texas is an great experience to be sure. Go Camping Today!

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Discover Texas' campgrounds near big cities and small towns across the state. Finding the prefect campground sometimes depends on the activities you have planned. If you're heading to the big city a local park or state park might be an option. If you're escaping the big city you may want to find a roadside campground, rv park or a national park. To begin exploring your campground options choose a town to get started.

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Camping In Canyon Country

Travel to Northwest Texas and discover the rugged beauty of the Panhandle Plains region. Although this regions was occupied by prehistoric Paleo-Indians over 12,000 years ago, and then by Apache and Comanche nations, followed by Spanish explorers, cowboys and finally, homesteaders this part of Texas was one of the last parts of the continental United States to be permanently settled. Some of the regions notable destinations include the Palo Duro Canyon (the second largest canyon in the US), the Cadillac Ranch, Big Texan Steak Ranch, TEXAS the musical and Turkey, Texas.

Camping In Canyon Country, Texas

South Texas Camping

Stretching from the edges of the Hill Country into the Lower Rio Grande valley is the South Texas Plains region. The South Texas Plains region has a sub-tropical climate which supports a few lakes. Most of the region is dry and covered with grasses and thorny brush. Escaping the cold of the north, many winter Texans/snowbirds call this part of Texas home each winter. At the northern edge of the region visitors can enjoy the San Antonio Riverwalk, explore history at the Alamo or the local missions. Bird watchers flock to the region which is known as one of the best bird watching areas in the United States. . Other notables are the King Ranch Museum in Kingsville , Fort Trevino in San Ygnacio and the National Butterfly Center in Mission.

South Texas Camping, Texas

Relaxing in the Hill Country

Found in Central Texas between the Big Bend Region to the west and the Prairies and Lakes region to the east the Panhandle Plains region to the north and the South Texas Plains region to the south. The Texas Hill Country region is considered the most beautiful area of Texas to some. With rolling hills, miles of wildflowers, beautiful lakes and meandering streams you'll feel right at home. You'll also find wild game, dude ranches, honkytonks and everything cowboy. Must sees in the region are Fredericksburg , OST Restaurant in Bandera, Enchanted Rock, Lake Travis, Caverns of Sonora and Fort Lancaster near Ozona See more

Relaxing in the Hill Country, Texas

Texas Gulf Coast Campgrounds

With over 600 miles of coastline the Texas Gulf Coast region is a favorite to be sure. . Beautiful wildlife refuges, metro areas, small seaside towns, attractions and miles of beaches abound. You'll discover places like South Padre Island, Port Aransas, Galveston Island, Bolivar Peninsula, Sea Rim State Park, and Mustang Island. Sitting on these beaches and listening to the sound of the waves is a great way wash your cares away. These beach communities offer a relaxing getaway that is sure to rejuvenate the soul. Get out and hit the beach today. See Texas Beaches.

Texas Gulf Coast Campgrounds, Texas

Discover The Piney Woods

When visiting the Piney Woods region you will travel through thousands of acres of the greenest forests and the bluest lakes in America. Along the way you will experience the rich history of the great state of Texas, from Native American culture to the Republic of Texas and beyond. This region is a thick forest of pines which is why we call it the Piney Woods. Visitors to the region are drawn to the Big Thicket National Preserve, Caddo Lake, Lake O' The Pines, The Texas State Railroad in Rusk, The Jefferson General Store, East Texas Oil Museum in Kilgore and the Depot Museum in Henderson.

Discover The Piney Woods, Texas

Big Bend Country

The Big Bend Region derives its name from the path the Rio Grande follows along the US-Mexico border in southwest Texas. The wide open spaces and jaw dropping plateaus of the Big Bend region of Texas are a sight to see. Many people come to this region to view the mountains. Mountain ranges include the Guadalupe Mountains, Davis Mountains and Chisos Mountains. The highest peak is Guadalupe Peak near El Paso (Near is a relative term in the Big Bend it's actually over 100 miles away). All of the mountains ranges have state or national parks that allow for hiking and camping. The region is most noted for the Big Bend National Park however the many small towns in the area are must dos. You have to view the Marfa lights at night, stop by the soda shop in Fort Davis, visit the Fort Davis national historic site, explore the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, drive the Scenic Loop Drive near Fort Davis, see the El Paisano Hotel in Marfa and the nightlife in Alpin.

Big Bend Country, Texas

Camping In North Texas

Located in north central and central Texas, between the plains of the West Texas Panhandle and the Pineywoods of East Texas sits the Prairies and Lakes region of Texas. You'll find the land gently rolling to hilly with patches of treed and prairie grasslands. Visitors to this region can explore dinosaur tracks in the Paluxy River bed near Glen Rose, take in a Cowboy game, see a real life cattle drive in Fort Worth, watch a drag race in Ennis, visit the birthplace of a hamburger in Athens, grab and old fashions soda fountain drink at Old Doc's Soda Shop in Dublin. This region covers a wide area so chances are if you're in Texas you're going to visit this area sooner or later.

Camping In North Texas, Texas

Camping In National Parks

Texas is home to National Parks, forest, wildlife refuges, grasslands lakes and seashores. Form National Parks to National Historic Sites This section provides links and photos to great places all across Texas. Enjoy camping, hiking, biking and exploring.

Camping In National Parks, Texas

Texas State Parks

You'll find Texas state parks located all across the Lone Star State. These parks offer all sorts of activities. You'll enjoy camping, nature watching, boating, hiking, fishing along with many otehr activities. Visit a state park today.

Texas State Parks, Texas
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