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Freeport, Texas is near Houston
in the Texas Gulf Coast Region | Brazoria County

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Freeport is known as one of the best places in Texas for fishing. There are many boat ramps in the area, marina and deep sea fishing party boats. The beautiful blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico offer extraordinary fishing experiences offshore and inshore in the hundreds of fishing spots throughout the area. If all of these are not enough, you can go to the beach and enjoy surf fishing with your entire family or go scuba diving in the deep waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If Birding is your hobby, you have found the right place. The Freeport Audubon Christmas Bird Count is one of the top ranked nationally in numbers of species for the past few years. Each year birders come to the area in hopes of seeing a new record set. Also located in the Brazosport Area, the Brazoria, San Bernard and Big Boggy National Wildlife Refuges attract many different types of wildlife annually.

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